Meeting and Event Management Services


We plan and coordinate meetings and events regardless size or budget. We take care of all the details of planning and provide innovative ideas. We utilize the latest trends in the industry to ensure your event is a unique and outstanding.

Our services are based upon the customer's need. We are flexible and offer meeting and event planning services based upon project needs. The spectrum of services we offer include but are not limited to:

​​Vendor Negotiation

The process of selecting and negotiating with vendors is extremely important to the success of your event. Unfortunately, in some cases, it can be difficult, draining, and stressful. We help solve these problems. Our team at your side,  the entire negotiation process will be much smoother and more productive. Our planners will be with you at the negotiating table, provide guidance and help you keep the myriad details straight.


Onsite  Management

Whether a charity fundraiser, conference, trade show team-builder, or festival, there no substitute for professionals on-site ready to respond instaneously to any unexpected issue or challenge. Our team will proivde the "eyes and ears" on the scene and act wisely and decisively. Our team will be on-site to ensure every guest will have a meaningful, unique, and memorable experience at your events. 

Event Registration

The registration process for your event is critically important.  The registration for an event is likely to be the first real interaction attendees will have with the event host – the overall impression of the event begins right here.


A pleasant and seamless check-in is the precursor for a positive event experience.  EuniVers is ready to make your event registration a smooth process leading to a great event. We will help greet your attendees during the registration and check-in process to ensure a smooth operation and great start to the event.


Theme Development

Add a spark to your next event by incorporating a unique theme. Themed corporate events increase memorability and build strong connections between you and your attendees as well as among the guests themselves. 

Our event planners are up-to-date on the latest latest creative and popular themes. If you have an idea ready to go, let our planners bring it to life by handling the details and special requirements that will make your concepts a reality - making your event impactful and memorable.


Budget Creation and Management

Setting the budget for an event is one of the most important aspects of event planning

We can help you look at your plans and goals for your meeting or event and help you to form an appropriate budget. We can also take the budget you have in mind and help you match the financial realities with the goals you have for your event – or both.


Throughout event planning process, we can help you manage the budget and ensure that costs aren’t getting out of control, and keep a steady focus on the areas you want highlighted. We will be your guided hand or mange the budget to the penney – it’s about ensuring that your goals are reached and your event has the ROI  you anticipated.


Equipment and Supply Rentals

Simple events involve some equipment, and for a major event like a convention, the equipment list may seem like an astonomical nightmare. To add to this situation, it is rare for a hosting company to actually own all the items needed to put on their event - the vast majority of the equipment must be purchased or rented from a host of rental agencies and companies, most of which will not have everything you need, and every one of which will have its own process, rules, procedures, standards, etc.


We can  develop an equipment rental solution that hits the mark on budget and quality, Our team can also coordinate the massive logistical job of getting that equipment to the right place at the right time. From setup to breakdown, we will keep track of the vendors and suppliers, checking that everything is going where it should and is meeting expectations on quality, and handling problems and issues as they arise. 


Event Marketing​

The marketing and promoting of your event, meeting is crucial for its success. If no one is aware of your event, who will attend?  This is where Eunivers truly exceed. We work one-on-one with you to develop a marketing strategy, ensuring that your vision for your brand, company, and event will leave a positive impact on your attendees.


We also manage execution, which means less stress for you and a seamlessly delivered end result. Our team will help you identify the optimum channels to promote your event – saving you money by avoiding channels unlikely to pay off, and increasing your return on investment.